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Post by batmarv » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:09 pm


I am using a Picoscope, automotive version, with the Picoscope Automotive s/w. I am trying to trigger on a falling edge of a signal; however, whenever I set a trigger, the waveform disappears, and does not even trigger.

My Signal include:
1. 0-5V Pulses
2. Channels A and B

My settings include:
1. 2GS
2. Trigger: single
3. 2V at 50%
4. falling edge
5. Alarms: capture (checked)
6. Alarms: Save Current Buffer
7. Trigger on channel A
8. 20ms/div

These are the settings I have used before and it worked. However, currently, it's not even saving anymore :( any help would be greatly accepted :)

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Re: Triggering

Post by AndrewA » Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:08 am


So you can see the pulses in PicoScope, and then they disappear when the scope triggers?

What version of PicoScope are you using-
Help menu -> About picoscope 6
You can copy out the version information by selecting the text, then pressing 'Ctrl-C'

Could you please post a psdata file-
File menu -> save -> enter file name (file type should be set on psdata)
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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