Picoscope Software Problem

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Picoscope Software Problem

Post by DeepakRacedynamics » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:45 am


This is my first post so if any insufficient/inappropriate information please excuse. I've been using the Picoscope 3423 for many years without any issues. I've upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit and re-installed the Picoscope software and have been using it without any problem until now.

Problem 1: Unable to open previously saved waveforms (please check attachments)
Problem 2: Unable to update the software to the newer versions (please check attachment)

Help -> About Picoscope 6 Automotive -> Software Version

Thanks in advance.
Pico Screenshot 2.png
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Re: Picoscope Software Problem

Post by Hitesh » Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:36 pm

Hi DeepakRacedynamics,

Please try downloading and installing the latest version of the PicoScope 6 Automotive software from our Automotive website Downloads page.

If you are still encountering issues, please post back here.


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