How to set the sample rate to 1GSa/s?

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How to set the sample rate to 1GSa/s?

Post by myohmy0 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 5:58 am

The oscilloscope I'm using is PicoScope 3206D. My experiment requires high sample rate, like 1GSa/s. With Pico Scope 6 software (Channel A+500ns/div+1Gs), the sample rate is always 500MSa/s. I have tried several other combinations, some may lower the samle rate, while others stay 500MSa/s. I was wondering if we can set the sample rate to 1GSa/s with PicoScope 6 software.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Re: How to set the sample rate to 1GSa/s?

Post by Martyn » Tue Jan 26, 2016 7:00 am

If the timebase is 500us/div or faster, then the sampling rate should be 1 GSa/s

If this is not the case then it may be that you have two channels enabled on the scope. Try loading this data file
1 GSa/s Sampling
(2.17 MiB) Downloaded 260 times
for 500usec/div

There are three parts that define how the scope is set up.

- Time on Screen / Timebase
- Number of Samples requested per screen
- Sample Interval / Sample Rate

If you use Views->ViewProperties to show the properties panel on the right, this will show how the scope is actually set up. The timebase is the fixed parameter, the software will then try and capture as close to the requested number of samples as possible, which means the sample rate is the parameter that drops out of the calculation.

If you use the SDK and write your own application you can change this around, and collect an exact number of samples at a given sample interval, provided there is sufficient memory on the device.
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