PicoScpe 3403D and AnywhereUSB

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PicoScpe 3403D and AnywhereUSB

Post by JimB » Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:54 pm

I’m trying a PicoScope 3403D over a USB-to-LAN converter (Digi AnywhereUSB/2).

The link works OK, having tried it with a USB mouse, but the PicoScope is not detected and cannot enumerate. The scope works fine when connected directly to the PC.

I checked the AnywhereUSB/2 compatibility notes, and it says that 'bulk' or 'interrupt' type devices should work, but there is limited support for mass storage, Isochronous and video streaming devices. Could this be the problem?

Any advice on using this or other USB-over-IP hubs?

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Re: PicoScpe 3403D and AnywhereUSB

Post by AndrewA » Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:37 pm

Hello Jim,

I can confirm our devices use 'Isochronous' and 'bulk' transfer mode.

We have successfully tested the IOGEAR GUWIP204 Wireless 4-Port USB Sharing Station.
The device has Wifi and LAN connections both work with the PicoScope devices.
See attached instructions.
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Regards Andrew
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