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PicoScope MAC bugs issues

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PicoScope MAC bugs issues

Postby mchouinard » Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:01 pm

Using a IMAC27 i7 12gig ram

While using PicoScope keyboard is unresponsive while signal is processing. Keyboard input ok if stop button is enable. I wanted to send feed back, unfortunately it also is not working. I mean no disrespect but are you actually checking these beta software prior to releasing it? and if so to what IEEE standard? Why are limiting the attachment to 256k? This limitation is reducing the quality of the feed back!


Michel Chouinard
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Re: PicoScope MAC bugs issues

Postby Hitesh » Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:24 am

Hi Michel,

The feedback mechanism should be working (we have received a couple of messages from you in our support e-mail system).

The Beta software does undergo some limited testing. The software is available as a Beta version as it has not achieved feature parity with the Windows version so you can continue to provide feedback via e-mail (support@picotech.com) or via the software and we will be happy to pass them on to our Development Team.

You should be able to add attachments which are greater than 256kB in size.

Are there specific instances where the keyboard becomes unresponsive e.g. when running a spectrum mode view? Perhaps if you can provide a settings file for your setup, we can test it here and see if the problem is repeatable.


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