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setting (not probing) timebase

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setting (not probing) timebase

Postby sje » Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:29 pm

I am having problems setting the timebase on my picoscope 5244B. I have modified the PS5000A_IC_Generic_Driver_Block.m file to turn off channel B. I have set the timebase input in ps5000aGetTimebase to 3. and I get the expected 8 ns sampling interval returned. However, later in the program, when I actually call ps5000ArunBlock function, it returns a Timebase of 65. I have tried modifying the the runBlock function call from

[status]=invoke(ps5000aDeviceObj, 'ps5000arunBlock', 0)


[status]=invoke(ps5000aDeviceObj, 'ps5000arunBlock', 0, 1024, 3)

But this still returns a timebase of 65.

Can you give me another way of configuring the timebase other than entering it as part of the runBlock function call?

Also, can you explain why it is that if a preceding call is used to set one of the runBlock parameters (ex. 'numPreTriggerSamples') that when runBlock is called, it is impossible to over ride the preset condition? That seems pretty odd! But it does seem to explain what is going on here.
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Re: setting (not probing) timebase

Postby Bilal » Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:47 am

Timebase is a property of the Matlab Instrument Driver for which you must use the get and set commands.

To set a property in the Matlab Instrument Driver, the syntax will follow:

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  set (obj, propertyname, propertyvalue)

For our timebase property, our code will look like this:

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  set (ps5000aDeviceObj, 'timebase', 25)     %set our ps5000a device's 'timebase' property with the value of 25

The timebase index (25) is calculated using the formula shown under the 'timebases' section found in the programmer's guide.

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Bilal Patel
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