Picoscope 5242B - Waveform Averaging/ "stacking"

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Picoscope 5242B - Waveform Averaging/ "stacking"

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Complete novice with this equipment and picoscope in general, so apologies if this seems simple.
My question is:
I have setup my Picoscope to measure a generated Sine Pulse, using an external function generator, with a start to start pulse period of 10ms and a 20Vpp amplitude - this waveform has been sent to a piezoelectric element in order to create a Shear Wave (S-wave) used in seismic analysis, is it possible to take each pulse in say 1s and generate a "stacked" or average pulse in that time frame? Similarly for a received wave - from a receiving piezoelectric element?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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Re: Picoscope 5242B - Waveform Averaging/ "stacking"

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I think this would be possible if I understand you correctly.

You would need to use the RapidTrigger mode of the scope, set the timebase to 500usecs/div to give 5msecs across the screen, and 100 buffers to give you 100x10ms, so 1 second for averaging. Then you would need to add a Maths Channel to do the average, Tools->MathsChannels->Create to launch the dialog, and then select the average in the Buffered Maths Channels.

To help the attached psdata file will set most of this up for you, select File->Open. You may need to change the trigger level and position to suit your signal.

If this doesn't work please post a single capture of your signal so we can take a look File->SaveAs and select CurrentWaveform
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