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Graph not functioning

Post by Guest » Mon Oct 24, 2005 12:36 pm

I need some advice concerning the PICO installation. I have just started working for a company which uses PICO. We have had to reinstall the Picolog for certain reasons and the question is Can the functioning of the graph be a result of improper installation. Its just that I can't seem to get any results from the graph. It is not registering anything. I would appreciate an early response.

Thanks in advance



Post by Sarah » Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:35 am


Thank you for your post.

The graph should work fine. I do not think this would be caused by installation.

Do you have the latest version of the software? If not then I advise to download it from:

The problem you are seeing could be a software bug. I have not heard of any issues in the latest installation.

Let me know how you get on.

Best Regards

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