PicoScope 2204A and Motorcycle Rev Counter Diagnosis

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PicoScope 2204A and Motorcycle Rev Counter Diagnosis

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I would like to diagnose older Japanese Motorbike electronic rev counters (specifically Suzuki GSX from the 80’s with also electronic ignition). The input to the rev counter comes from the low tension of 1 of the coils (1 coil does 2 cylinders). I am guessing that would be pulses of 0-12v of about 16.6Hz to 166Hz (1000rpm to 10000rpm).

I would like the scope to check that on a running bike if possible just to check. Then program a square wave(?) of the correct Hz (with the AWG?) and vary to simulate rpm input. Also I will need to monitor the output to the rev counter itself (not sure what comes out of that yet into the “meter”).

As the AWG is only +/- 2v then can I feed that into some circuit and convert to 0-12V or am I better generating the 0-12V pulses from another device (possibly knock up a LM555 based one with 12V supply).

I was also thinking if I have the 2204A then I could possibly do some basic CDI / Ignitor checks as well, if required in the future. I take it the software will work OK on my Surface 3 (Atom CPU not the Pro) as well?

Sorry if that sounds a bit noddy – I started off doing electronics in the late 80’s but switched to PC’s and Servers about 1991 and have found I have forgotten most of what I knew! So trying to relearn some of it.



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Re: PicoScope 2204A and Motorcycle Rev Counter Diagnosis

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Provided it is not an RT version of Windows then the Surface will be OK. Amplifying the AWG output, or building your own circuit, either method will be fine it just depends upon what you have to hand.

If you want help with the automotive side of things then I would suggest posting to our dedicated automotive forum although I would caution that the 2205a is not designed for automotive use, it doesn't have the necessary input protection that is included with our specialist automotive scopes.
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