I am unable to use ADT-200 and DrDaq on the same machine

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Julie Biggs

I am unable to use ADT-200 and DrDaq on the same machine

Post by Julie Biggs » Wed Oct 19, 2005 9:51 am

We have recently upgraded from Win 2K to XP. My users have assured me that before the upgrade they had 2 icons on their desktop - one for Picoscope and one for Dr Daq. I reinstalled Picoscope (5.09) and told them that they would have to switch between the instruments as I couldn't work out a way to give them 2 different versions of the software supporting the 2 different instruments. However, even though I (domain admin) can change between the instruments, they, (normal users), cannot. When thay use the File/Setup/Converter option they are able to select another instrument from the list and they get the message that it will take affect after they restart the software, but when they do restart, the instrument is as it was before. At the moment I am having to go up there and change it every time for them. Any help would be much appreciated - especially if anyone knows how to have 2 versions running on the same machine linked to the different instruments. Thanks in advance of any help.


Post by Sarah » Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:40 am

Hi Julie

Thank you for your post.

The reason it is not changin for them is that the information is stored in the ini file and unless you are logged in as an administrator then it cannot access this file to save these settings.

To get two seperate installations simply run the installation twice and save it in different directories each time. This way you can link to two seperate executables - one for one instrument and one for the other.

You may also like to download the latest software as this is much newer than the version you have. You can get it from www.picotech.com/software

Hope this helps

Best Regards

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