Enviromon Software Alarm Acknowledgement

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Enviromon Software Alarm Acknowledgement

Post by JamieDicks » Tue Sep 20, 2005 2:52 pm

Hi Again

I have another problem with my Enviromon software. We currently have an EL008 connected to a PC and an EL001, EL0037 and EL018 Auto-dialer. Now the EL037 is connected to three thermocouples and is set up as a 4-20mA monitor. I have written a psc file to convert the current to degrees c. We are monitoring some liquid nitrogen filled dewars. So I have set the alarms in the software as follows:

Min -200
Max -190
5 mins holdoff
2.0 hysterisis

Now everything seems to work OK. When we remove the thermocouple from the dewar the temperature increases to -108, which in turn sounds the alarm on the logger and indicates this with a red indicator on the computer. I acknowledge the alarm by clicking the red indicator and a cross is placed through it and the audible alarm goes off. Then when I place the thermocouple back in the dewar the temperature returns to a safe level of -196. However, the red indicator with a cross through it does not change. Even resetting the computer has no effect.

The EL001 is connected to a door switch and this acts as expected. When I open the switch the alarm sounds and the indicator turns red. Clicking the indicator acknowledges the alarm placing a cross through it on the screen. Closing the switch then causes the indicator to return to green and all is well. Isn't this how the EL037 should work? Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated


Jamie Dicks
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Post by Michael » Fri Sep 23, 2005 3:58 pm

Hello Jamie,

I believe one of our tech support specialists will be replying to you shortly.

Best regards,
Michael - Tech Support
Pico Technology
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