Multichannel Runt Trigger

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Multichannel Runt Trigger

Post by gzeusbearpenguin » Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:00 pm

I am currently using a 4824 and was wondering if there was anyway to make a logic gate with a runt trigger on each source or something similar with a say a window trigger on each source that acts the same as a runt. If not then is it possible with the SDK.

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Re: Multichannel Runt Trigger

Post by AndrewA » Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:29 pm

To use multiple channels with the runt trigger, you need to used the SDK.
The driver itself supports a runt trigger mode.

Do you want this Condition to logically AND or OR the channels? This logic is limited to 4 channels in the driver.

I would expect this to be logic would be a logic 'OR', so any of the configured channels, will trigger the scope?

Setup Arrays for your triggers-

Set the Upper and lower thresholds and hysteresis
The Upper would be upper limit for a runt positive trigger.
An array needs to created or modified for each channel.

Setup a structure of this type for each channel. (For logic OR triggering of channels)
Requires the source channel and trigger state - ie CONDITION_TRUE

Set the channel and trigger direction in this case you would use-

Call the trigger functions and pass the arrays in-
1. ps4000aSetTriggerChannelProperties
Also this need to be call this function multiple times passing in each array (PS4000A_TRIGGER_CHANNEL_PROPERTIES) setup for each channel.

2. ps4000aSetTriggerChannelConditions
If you require channel with logic OR setup-
You need to pass in a PS4000A_CONDITIONS type array to match the trigger conditions on each channel.
And call this function multiple times passing in each array with the different conditions.
Each time the function is called you need to pass the PS4000A_ADD for the 'info' argument.

3. ps4000aSetTriggerChannelDirections
Also this need to be call this function multiple times passing in each array (PS4000A_DIRECTIONS) setup for each channel.

Refer to the 4000A programmer guide for more details.- ... g-en-1.pdf
Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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