PicoScope 6 hangs "Enumerating Devices"

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PicoScope 6 hangs "Enumerating Devices"

Post by ECBSrl » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:59 pm

Good evening,
we are trying to control a Picoscope 2204A connected to a industrial panel PC running Windows Embedded Standard SP3 to perform a very basic waveform acquisition.
The PicoScope is correctly recognized: in the Device Manager a "PicoScope 2000 Series PC Oscilloscope" is registered.
When launching the PicoScope 6 software the whole PC hangs during the splash screen visualization (Enumerating Devices message) and the only solution is to switch off the PC.
The software works fine disconnecting then USB cable and selecting a demo virtual unit.
Same result if the call the ps2000_open_unit() function from Visual Basic: also the demo project provided by Picotech hangs!

Best Regards.

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Re: PicoScope 6 hangs "Enumerating Devices"

Post by Martyn » Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:20 pm

Embedded PC's can be difficult to work with. I spent some time 2 years ago trying to get a 2204 to work on an ASEM HT700 but was unsuccessful. The issue seemed to be related to a combined device in the system causing a USB conflict which we were unable to resolve. We did find that a 5000 series device from our range was recognised correctly, although the PC didn't have sufficient performance to run the PicoScope software with it for any length of time.

You may find that your system has similar issues, in which case the 2206a may be an option, it uses the same driver model as the 5000 but is less resource hungry, particularly if you are writing your own application.
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