Slow data acquisition with Pico 2207A

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Slow data acquisition with Pico 2207A

Post by Robinou » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:25 pm


I would like to program my pico 2207A in order to acquire signals of a few Hertz frequency. I tried to observe a 0,5 Hz sine signal generated by an external AWG using the block mode . But on my labview front panel, on my waveform graph, the signal does not appear continuously (I have one image every two seconds). I tried to increase the timebase index without get a correct sine curve.
I would like to understand why the display is so slow :
Am I using the good sampling mode ?
Are the buffer overloaded ?
I'm not very skilled in digital electronic, there are some topics that I don't relly understand.
When I use Picoscope 6, it works well but not on Labview ( I use the block mode example as my program)

One other thing (but I could look in the other topics). I would like that my oscilloscope interface on Labview corresponds to a standard oscilloscope interface (With a time scale by division and a voltage scale by division), I tried to convert the timebase in standard time scale with the apg, without success.

Could you please orientate me to solve my problem ? If it is not accurate enough, just tell me. Thanks a lot !

Best regards, Robin

PS : I use Labview 8.5

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Re: Slow data acquisition with Pico 2207A

Post by Martyn » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:04 am

0.5Hz is 2 seconds for 1 cycle of the sine wave, so that seems correct to me.
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