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Bugs in saving file extensions

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Bugs in saving file extensions

Postby design360 » Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:27 am

Now I've been using PicoLog with two TC-08's for more than a year now and there have been updates to the software in that time but why why why can't someone fix the glaringly obvious bug whereby when saving a spreadsheet text file the software is totally screwed when it comes to the file extension not being properly added? It either defaults to .prn or .prn) and more often than not has part of a filename on the drop down box where you select the extension type, then it doesn't work anyway. :!:

It's beyond me how this bug has never been fixed. Come on guys pull your fingers out and fix it, I find it so damned annoying to have to keep typing in .txt all the time. This is because I use a cut and paste of other text for the filename that doesn't have .txt on the end. :x

Now just when you thought that my rant was over! there is another annoyance when it comes to saving the graph picture, although it does put the correct file extension on it puts all the typed in (pasted in my case) text into lowercase, why does it have to do that? There is no reason to make the software do that. :roll:

PicoLog text file save 07.PNG
No .txt option and filename fragments

PicoLog text file save 06.PNG
No .txt option and filename fragments

OK, rant over. But I would still love it to be fixed though. :lol:


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Re: Bugs in saving file extensions

Postby Hitesh » Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:38 pm

Hi Ian,

Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the PicoLog software that is available from our Downloads page.

You should find using the latest software that there are options for saving to .prn and .txt format as shown below:
PicoLog Spreadsheet Save As.png
PicoLog Spreadsheet View Save As dialog

You can edit the settings file that you are using in order to set the default filename extension to .txt

Open the .pls file in a text editor and look for the line '[Spread1]'. Under there should be the line

Code: Select all

Change this to:

Code: Select all

The alternative is to click File -> Save as... from the main PicoLog Recorder window and to save to text from there.

I can repeat the issue relating to the graph saving and will report this. A fix cannot be guaranteed as the software is under maintenance.


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