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Post by Galvoguru » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:16 pm

Hi all,

I'm an electronics and mechanical engineer in the field of laser marking and coding, I design closed-loop galvanometers, lens actuators and servos as well as general electronic circuits. I've been using a Picoscope on and off for quite a few years now, in my line of work it's invaluable to be able to store captured waveforms for reference at a later date and it's this point that has prompted me to join the forum. In the past I had 2 Channel, parallel port connected 12 Bit Picoscope, this worked well and I was able to add comments to the captured waveform before saving the file. With a new computer and Windows 7, I decided to get a new PC scope. Due to the clients I'm working with I ended up getting a TiePie HS3 dual channel scope and also a Cleverscope. The Cleverscope was purchased because it has the ability to produce gain-phase plots, this is very useful when testing and tuning notch filters. Just recently I purchased a Picoscope 6402B and downloaded the latest software. To my surprise I found I couldn't add comments to captured waveforms, I know you can add "notes" at the bottom of the screen BUT these notes are NOT saved with the image unless you save the file as a specific Picoscope file. This of course means you need the Picoscope software installed in order to open the file, totally useless if you want to save the image as a space saving jpeg and email the file to clients or incorporate the image in a Word or PowerPoint presentation. I'm now looking at purchasing a differential input scope and to be honest I'm looking at alternatives to the Picoscope 4 Channel unit, this is just because I can't add and save comments to the captured waveforms (not in a quick a simple way). With all the complexity of the Pico 6 software I find it unbelievable that "waveform comment boxes" can't be added to the feature list, it seems like a basic requirement and the other scope manufacturers have this sorted. For me it's an invaluable tool to have and use. Picotech PLEASE can you add this tool!!

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Post by Hitesh » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:36 pm

Hi Galvoguru,

Welcome to our Test and Measurement Forum! :D

Thank you for your feedback which has been passed on to our Development Team for consideration.

In the meantime, you can click Edit -> Copy Entire Window as Image as this will copy the entire PicoScope 6 window with the Notes section.


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