looking for the right equipment

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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looking for the right equipment

Post by snowpanter » Wed Jul 08, 2015 6:45 am

Good morning everyone,
i'm looking for some useful advices in here, and i'm hoping you all can help me out on this one.

The Problem/ Setup:
I need to measure and log the Temperatures of a steel pipe.
I need at least 8 channels for the measuring, better 12 to 16.
The ambient temperature in the area around the pipe - where the recorder has to be - is about 40°C - 45°C (104°F - 113°F). Thinking of this the logger has to be an autonomic one without a pc. (at least for the time it is logging).
Logging Interval should be about 10 days, with a rate of 1S/min or 0,1S/min (= 1S/10 min).
So his memeory capacity should at least be
6 * 24 * 10 = 1440 * 8 channels = 11520 S
or better
60 * 24 * 10 = 14400 * 12 channels =172800 S

The used sensors are thermoelements type k with a range from -50 … +400°C

At the end of the 10 days logging i need to drop the files on my notebook and analyse them. (the best way would be usb)
The software shown for the PicoLog 1216 should make my job a lot easier :D
I need following logs: time + date and the temperature of each sensor.

at the moment i see following options (correct me pls if i'm wrong):
- tc-08 ; but this one has only 8 channels, and i dont know if its a standalone
- ADC-20 and ADC-24 // PicoLog 1000 ; i dont know if its a standalone, but it has 16 channels (i can connect all grounds so i have single ended sensors)

I hope someone can help me, because as a student i have to admit its a tricky topic :?

Have a nice day everyone!

(sorry if my english isn't that perfect)

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Re: looking for the right equipment

Post by Gerry » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:53 pm


As discussed, all of our PicoScopes and PicoLoggers require a USB connection to a powered device in order to operate and transfer acquired data for storage. So, to perform unattended logging sessions, you would need to use one of our supported small form factor, portable platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Board, and download our Software Development Kit (from here: https://www.picotech.com/downloads/_lig ... sbtc08-sdk) so that you can create your own application, to run on it. You would obviously also need sufficient battery power and secondary storage for your logging session.

The Software Development Kit comes with some example code to perform very basic logging. You may find it useful to, first of all download our PicoLog software from here: https://www.picotech.com/downloads/_lightbox/picolog-5, and load it on a PC to perform some trial logging sessions to get an idea of the sort of functionality that you will need for your code. As you are using thermocouples, the TC-08 option is easily the best one as the thermocouples plug straight in, and you have cold junction compensation built into the data logger. PicoLog can work with more than one data logger at once, and you would just enumerate for each data logger in your code and then refer to their handle, although you would also need a USB hub to connect 2 TC-08's to your Raspberry Pi.

The only other issue you may have is that the operating temperature range for your application is well outside the operating range within which it was factory calibrated. So if you were to use it without any changes, your logged data would include the error related to operating outside of that calibrated range. You have 2 options to get around this which are:
a) use very long thermocouple leads so that the Data Logger can be operated outside of the pipe, in a more neutral temperature range.
b) get the TC-08/TC-08's calibrated within the operating temperature range of the intended application by an external calibration lab


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