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sample rate

Postby Will82 » Mon Aug 15, 2005 7:26 pm

I have a picoscope2202 and would like to record dual channels (16k per channel) at a rate of 1MegaSample per second. When less than 200ms/div is run, the program freezes. Is there a way to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Postby Michael » Tue Aug 16, 2005 11:13 am

Hello Will,
Thank you for your post.

Sorry to hear of your difficulty.

We have been unable to replicate this problem with the latest version of PicoScope. Can you clarify the settings and symptoms you are experiencing?

Can you send any images or settings files to tech@picotech.com ?

Is the software crashing or hanging indefinitely and what version of PicoScope and Windows are you using?

With this information we can help resolve this problem.

Best regards,
Michael - Tech Support
Michael - Tech Support
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