picolog graph stuck on edge of display rev 5.12 (ADC16)

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picolog graph stuck on edge of display rev 5.12 (ADC16)

Post by edwoz »

I have been using 5.08.6 of picolog, particularly, I have graphs captured with that version, I can move the graphs anywhere on the display by using the up and down arrows. I was unable to export to .wmf files so I downloaded version 5.12. Now, it does indeed generate .wmf files. But it has caused a problem with the graph display. ( I have 8 channels , 2 banks of 4 channels displayed, the displayed parameters are clalculated temperatures from thermistors if that might be significant) The problem is that the upper display has the upper maximum value stuck to the top of the upper display window. as I hit the minus (-) symbol to increase the range of the upper display, the upper part of the graph stays stuck to the top of the window, whatever its scale, and cannot be centered with the up/down arrows. This is not a problem on the older 5.08.6 version. Thanks for your anticipated help.


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

Could you send us some files shpwing this to tech@picotech.com and the description that you provide here (or a link to this page) so that we can look into this further?

Many Thanks
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