Crashes crashes crashes

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Crashes crashes crashes

Post by chmr » Sun May 03, 2015 11:44 am

I am having problems with PicoScope crashing. It always crashes when I turn serial decoding on (with both uart and spi), but I also had crashes when just zooming in. I am collecting 10 digital signals for 50 seconds, so these datafiles are too big to post. I also tried saving just a snippet from it with "only save zoomed region", but then the serial decode never completes (always shows "processing"). I have also seen crashes without the serial decode, just by zooming in on one of the bigger files.
I found a smaller file that also crashes, this is attached. The serial decoders are set up but disabled. As soon as I enable any one of the decoders, the software crashes.

Some details:
PicoScope® 6 - PC Oscilloscope software version: (same with beta
Model: PicoScope 3204D MSO
USB Version: 3,0
Hardware Version: 1
Driver Version:
Firmware Version: /
Windows 7-64 (same with a different computer running 8.1-64)
Capturing ~10 digital signals (SPI, Uart@115200, Uart@19200-9bit, some more)
Trigger level dropout on analog channel A

I'm hoping for a quick solution or workaround, as it is not very useful without serial decode..

crashes when serial decode enabled
(489.73 KiB) Downloaded 145 times

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Re: Crashes crashes crashes

Post by Martyn » Tue May 05, 2015 7:05 am

We are aware of issues with Serial Decoding and have a Beta release due out very soon. I have tested your file on a pre Beta, enabled all of the decoders you had configured, and it didn't crash.

If you are interested in testing a version as soon as it is available then please contact
Technical Support Manager

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