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TC-08 Installation and Logging

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TC-08 Installation and Logging

Postby dpb » Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:21 pm

New to forum and after some help - hopefully.
We have an old serial TC-08 which I was hoping to connect up to a slightly not so old windows xp pc. I am trying to use a rs232 to usb converter cable but cannot get pico software to recognise device - any help ? Thanks in advance
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Re: TC-08 Installation and Logging

Postby Martyn » Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:48 pm

Most likely cause would be not enough power for the TC08, particularly if the TC08 and serial cable work on a different PC.
For the TC08 to work correctly you will need
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Pin 7 RTS - Held at a positive voltage (>7V) to power the TC-08
Pin 5 GND - 0V line
Pin 4 DTR - Held at a negative voltage (<-7V) to power the TC-08
additionally the assigned com port for the USB converter will need to be below 10.
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