R values in fig.2.4 for Pico log 1000 small terminal board

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R values in fig.2.4 for Pico log 1000 small terminal board

Post by Gamma » Thu Apr 23, 2015 7:05 am

I'm very new to practical electronics, where I've only studied the fundamentals (physics degree).

My manager has asked me to decipher the circuit diagrams in fig 2.4 of the pico 1000 small terminal manual, however I'm stuck.

I can't see how some of the R values have been determined.

For instance if you turn the page clockwise, the top left diagram appears to have resistors in parallel e.g R1 with R65 and R2 with R66. I can't work out where the values 65 and 66 come from.

Are these just different positions on the board or do they have something to do with R33 ?

If someone could explain exactly where these values spring from, it would be really appreciated.

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Re: R values in fig.2.4 for Pico log 1000 small terminal boa

Post by Martyn » Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:36 am

The diagram in the manual is actually the schematic, so needs to show all possible options, and this may be a bit misleading as not all are marked on the screen print of the board.

R1, R2 etc are the surface mount resistor positions - and indicated on the screen print of the board
R65, R66 etc are the through hole resistor positions for the same input, but there is no screen print.
The solid line is the track beneath the surface mount resistor that needs to be cut if the resistor is being used.

You only need to use either the surface mount position, or the through hole position, the choice being dependent on your soldering skills, and available resistors.
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