ADC-212/100 Spectrum usage - noise floor and resolution bw

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ADC-212/100 Spectrum usage - noise floor and resolution bw

Post by roger34 »

I am from a conventional spec analyser background, using expensive kit to measure simple spectrum emissions. I like the pico concept and want to modernise my tools usage.

I have a few questions regarding the spectrum mode of picoscope, which I have not laid hands on yet, I am eagerly awaiting the first unit.

[1] noise floor - are there any declared limits, for example -120dBm/Hz into a 10kHz res b/w.

[2] after playing with the software demo, how can I work out (correctly) the resolution bandwidth setting over a required measurement frequency range. Is it as simple as dividing the frequency range by the number of points ?

[3] is it possible to limit the start frequencyand stop frequency other than the pull-down toolbar (for the stop frequency only) ?

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Post by matthew »

Hi Roger,

1. There aren't any specified limits for the noise floor, but the unit's dynamic range approaches 20log(resolution). ie 72dB range for a 12bit ADC-212.

2. Yes, just divide the total frequency range selected by the resolution you have selected from Settings | Options. This will give you the frequency scale increments.

3. Unfortunately not, the Frequency range always starts at 0Hz.

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Matt Everett

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