SMK temp probe thermocouples -

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Don Williams

SMK temp probe thermocouples -

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Dear Sir/Siress,
Im having trouble figuring how to interface to an SMK temp probe which is really a stylette ( a needle placed in a cannula) for placing into patients spine in medical systems) The devcie on the market and used by a few different companoies is made by someone called "Sluijter-Mehta" - can you help me with an interface design - ie is it type K for example ?
Ive scratched around looking for info and I cant find anything to fly with.
If you have something I can use for the same purpose I would be overjoyed !!
Don Williams
Clearblue Software Pty Ltd


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

Unfortunately I do not know of anything that we do that is a suitable interface. I would need to know more information about the sensor and it's output.

It should also be noted that we generally do not recommend our products for use in medical applications as they are not designed with this in mind, however specific medical loggers are and therefore adhere to all the necessary requirements for these applications.

Best Regards

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