PicoScope 5243A does not respond

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PicoScope 5243A does not respond

Post by Bri » Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:32 am

I use two PicoScope 5243A in a project. Both PicoScopes worked fine for about 6 month. But now from one day to the other PicoScope software says that the devices does not respond. Both devices are visible in windows device manager and windows device manager says that the driver is installed and all is fine. And both devices are recognized by PicoScope software and are visible in the PicoScope device list. (attached screenshot shows one device connected to the PC) I can select the device but then the PicoScope software says that the device does not respond. (Both PicoScopes are powered by an external power supply.)

Do you have any suggestions what happend with the PicoScopes and how it can be fixed?
screenshot PicoScope device list

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Re: PicoScope 5243A does not respond

Post by Hitesh » Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:35 am

Hi Bri,

The current 2-channel PicoScope 5000 Series models are not supplied with a power supply as you can use the supplied dual-headed USB cable to provide sufficient power.

Did you purchase a power supply from us or elsewhere? Have you tried connecting the PicoScopes without the power supply? Are you using a powered USB hub?

It would be helpful if you could please send the trace.xml corresponding to the last PicoScope 6 session where the issue occurred to support@picotech.com. You can find information on how to locate this in section 3 of the PicoScope 6 Self-Help Guide (https://www.picotech.com/download/manua ... uide-1.pdf)

Try rebooting the PC and connecting each PicoScope to another USB port.


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