Analog offset not enough

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Analog offset not enough

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I've got a 6403 d and I want to measure voltage fluctuations in range of 10 mV over 1 volt of DC offset, i.e., voltage is in range of 1 to 1.010 volts.
Maximum possible DC offset when using a suitable vertical resolution is 500 mV in my model, while I almost need 1 volt. Is there a way so that I can view the voltage changes in good resolution with oscilloscope other features?
I tried AC coupling but it didn't produce the waveform I expected. It seemed as if the extra capacitance in this mode had ruined everything.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Analog offset not enough

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Hi Robert,

Looking at the specifications ( ... ifications), you can set a +/-2.5V offset at the +/- 500mV, 1V and 2V ranges.

The PicoScope 6404C and D models would allow you to set an offset of +/-2V at the +/- 50mV to +/- 200mV ranges.


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