problems with qtd of columns in spread of PICOLOG

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problems with qtd of columns in spread of PICOLOG

Post by Eguti »

I have 3 converter TC-08 with 21 TC type K.
I notice that the software records the 21 parameters but I can't visualize them in the spread. Only the first 16 values appear, the remaining is occult.
I try to select them with the appropriate menu but they don't appear in the spread.
What I need to fix it?

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Post by matthew »


This isn't a bug, it is a limit we have imposed on the spreadsheet mode, we are looking to extend this in a future software version, but unfortunately this won't be for some time due to other development commitments.

There is a simple workaround: use File | Save as... and save as file type .txt, this allows you to import this tab delimitted file into another spreadsheet such as MS Excel for post-processing.

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