Using IP Sockets with PicoLog

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Using IP Sockets with PicoLog

Post by design360 »

It would seem that PicoLog supports some form of TCPIP connection but I'm not having any luck getting it working. I am not even sure what it's capabilities actually are, am I able to use this feature to remotely monitor a recording or is it just to enable using another PC running PicoLog to record from a "server" copy on the PC with the TC-08 acttached?

Regards, Ian.

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Re: Using IP Sockets with PicoLog

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Ian,

According to the PicoLog User Guide:
The PicoLog IP socket facility is used to take measurements on one or more
computers, and record the data on another computer.

The measurements are taken by PicoLog on the Server. Another computer, the Client,
requests the data via an IP network.
This allows another PC to record the data locally.

You can find instructions on how to use this feature in section 3.12 (Transfer data over an IP network) in the PicoLog User's Guide: ... sGuide.pdf


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