Hello Picoscopers!

Come here to introduce yourself, who you are, and what you do
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Hello Picoscopers!

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I've already fired off a couple of questions on the LabView forum, so I thought I should introduce myself before it's too late. My name is Alan. I'm working in the UK for a company designing pretty cool radiation detectors. Previously, I worked at CERN building detectors for the CMS experiment.
I'm working in the R&D section and recently obtained a Picoscope 5444B. I must say, I'm very impressed with it, especially considering the price.
I'm using LabView to control it. It's been many years since I last used LabView, but it is all coming back to me.
Hopefully I can get the picoscope to do everything I need (which is acquiring signal information from various photo-electronics devices) and also, hopefully I can offer help to others on the forum once I'm up to speed! :)


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Re: Hello Picoscopers!

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Hi Alan,

Welcome to the Test and Measurement Forum ! :D


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