Picoscope 6402B (hardware?) problem for many long captures

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Picoscope 6402B (hardware?) problem for many long captures

Post by david_oswald » Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:23 am


I'm using a Picoscope 6402B (FW /, HW 1 1, Driver w/ the (most recent) SDK on Win7 to aquire many (relatively) long captures at one of the higher sample rates (1.25 GSPS). The scope is triggered from channel C, acquires channels A & B.

After a (somewhat random) number of acquisitions (hundreds to thousands, depending on the exact parameters) , the scope is not triggered (although the signal is fine and there should be at least an auto-trigger in any case) and it is also impossible to stop and re-arm it (any subsequent RunBlock fails). I checked all my code as I suspected the problem there initially, however, at some point I swapped the unit against a second, identical scope (even bought in the same order).

With the second scope, everything is working as expected, no problems... Does this indicate a HW problem or is there a newer firmware that solve the issue? Is this a known problem?



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Re: Picoscope 6402B (hardware?) problem for many long captur

Post by Hitesh » Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:28 pm

Hi David,

Which programming language are you using?

Are there any status codes other than PICO_OK or PICO_BUSY returned from polling ps6000IsReady or the block callback function?

When the next ps6000RunBlock function call is made is there a status code other than PICO_OK returned?


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