Little improvement in picoscope

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Little improvement in picoscope

Post by Twouan » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:45 pm

First of all, i'm very happy about the device (a 5242B).

I notice two improvement on Picoscope 6.
First, i'd like to have the millisecond of the capture time (or even better the microsecond) in properties it really helps to synchronise with other source of information (software log has an example).

Second, i have a little problem with zoom when i capture large sample.
When 20ms by division is set, the sampling rate is 104ns.
If i capture an event that last 199us at 2V and 1us at 1V and then infinite repeat, if i perform a zoom, i do not see the gap between two 2V steps. It is strange because if i sample at 100ns, i have far sufficient steps to capture the event.
If i perform measurement (for exemple TRUE RMS), it seems that the gap are correctly measured and taken into account in the measurement.

Thank you for this incredible device.

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Re: Little improvement in picoscope

Post by Hitesh » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:55 pm

Hello Twouan,

Thank you for the positive feedback for the PicoScope 5242B :D

I have added your request to an existing feature request for our Software Development Team to consider.

Regarding the second issue, do you have an example PicoScope 6 data file that you can send to please?

Are you zooming in while the data collection is occurring?

This will help us investigate further if required.


Technical Support Engineer

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