Signal Generator during ps3000aChangePowerSource

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Signal Generator during ps3000aChangePowerSource

Post by krishulis » Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:31 am

Introduction: I am using Picoscope 3404B, with r10_5_1_1 sdk. Working with .NET (C#), based on PS3000ACSConsole example code. I will use USB power supply.

My question is - is that normal, that during ps3000aChangePowerSource function call, signal generator output is toggling..?

I also tested it with PicoScope 6 software. When software starts, I click "Yes" on the USB question messagebox to run it from usb power, and it produces the waveform as shown in the attachment.
As you can see it rises to 1V, then drops to ~-1.2V, then to -2.4V, then stabilizes at 0V.

Any comments on this?

Is there a way to disable this generator output toggling?
Generator output toggling

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Re: Signal Generator during ps3000aChangePowerSource

Post by Hitesh » Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:37 pm

Hi krishulis,

This is a feature of the hardware as the signal generator goes through it's power up process.

The driver sets the output to 0V.

Unfortunately, this is not possible to change with the current hardware.


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