Sofware improvement for digital channel

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Sofware improvement for digital channel

Post by Brice » Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:25 am

I'm currently using picoscope and I find that it's lack a of functionnalities (for the price and compare to other similar product)
Please find attached some suggestion to impove your software.
I’m only using digital channels, so the suggestions are for digital only.

- Display trigger value on the main windows (as a reminder, to avoid to click on trigger menu)
- Display name of channel in the trigger configuration windows
- Allow trigger combination ( ex : rising edge on D0 then falling edge on D7 with less than 50ms delay)
- Allow trigger on protocol pattern (ex : 0x7F 0x03 0x00 0xDD … on UART channel)

Main windows
- Allow more than 3 letters to be displayed for the channel name on main windows
- Keep consistent unit for time (when you zoom, you have time like 23.28 then 23.91, it’s annoying because hard to quickly calculate period unit)
- Display current time/div rather than initial time and zoom ratio. (I prefer to know that period is 1.25ms/div than 5ms/div and zoom x4)
- Allow zoom and deplacement with scrolling mouse +keyboard shortcut
- Allow time measurement with digital only.
- Display more information based on time measurement (freq, pwm duty cycle, nb of rising edge, …) refer to Saleae software to find other usefull information

- Display decode value on the digital frame, not on analog

Quick advice, please try software from Saleae. It has a lot of great functionnality on timing measurement and how to display information. The UX is great and you find almost all shortcut without reading the doc.
Picoscope ihm isn’t user friendly at all. For each functionnality you have to run through documentation even for the easiest.

Hope this post will help you improve your software.

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Re: Sofware improvement for digital channel

Post by Martyn » Wed Dec 10, 2014 8:07 am

Thank you for your suggestions, user input is always welcome.

Some of your ideas are already in the melting pot and will hopefully appear in future releases. I will pass on the details of the others to the development team.
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