reducing sampling rate

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reducing sampling rate

Post by sholyoake » Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:48 am

I have an application where I need to load a waveform into the AWG of my scope, run it, capture the output of my system, then load the output and re-transmit and I'm running into problems

my signal is 250kHz, so should be sampled well at 2.5MS/s, however I'm unable to control the number of samples the software is recording, so my recieved waveform is massively oversampled and has approximately 70k points and will not fit into the memory of my AWG

my transmitted waveform is 5k points, and 500us duration. I'm using picoscope 6 and a 5443B scope. I'm capturing ~600us of recieved waveform

I've tried reducing the sampling rate in the menu, however it seems to have no effect on the actual rate as reported in the software.... nor does it decrease the number of points in the .csv file for the recieved waveform

normally I could just dump the file into excel and sub-sample it, however I have to repeat this testing with dozens of waveforms and manually messing with them is taking too much time

does anyone have a solution?

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Re: reducing sampling rate

Post by Hitesh » Thu Dec 04, 2014 9:35 am

Hi sholyoake,

If you click Views -> View Properties, what does the Properties dialog show?

The number of samples that you can set for a waveform capture will be governed by the sampling intervals that can be set for the device.

I can set the number of samples to 4808 or 5208 with a 50us/div timebase as shown below:
Screenshot of wave capture
Settings file (created using PicoScope 6.10.6) is attached as well.
PicoScope 6 settings file
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