Software installation issue (error)

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Software installation issue (error)

Post by Kenzo » Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:41 am

Hi everyone ,

I'm new to this forum. I got PicoLog1216 recently, and installed software by using attacted CD.
During installation, I got the following message.

Error 1330. A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file G:Software\ has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt. Error 266 was returnned by WinVerifyTrust.

Is there any problem with my PC? or CD?
My PC uses Japanese Windows ' Professional Sevice Pack 1

It is very very simple question, not real technical topics for everyone.
I would appreciate it if someone support me.

tks & br

Kenzo Furuta

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Re: Software installation issue (error)

Post by Hitesh » Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:16 am

Hi Kenzo,

Please download and install the latest version of the required software from

If this still does not work, please e-mail indicating whether you are installing the PicoScope 6 or PicoLog software.

We can then provide a standalone installer for you to download.


Software Dev. Engineer

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