Acquisition of blocks without gaps with labview/pico3x

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Acquisition of blocks without gaps with labview/pico3x

Post by jlopez2022 » Thu Oct 23, 2014 3:42 pm

I want acquire more data than one block.
The problem is that in pico3406 the block size is 2k, and I would like acquire at least 10k samples/channel without gap
In following code I acquire using GetRapidBlock, here is my attached code.
I have seen inside the GetRapidBlock, there in every loop it dumps the data in the computer, my doubt is that I will have the acquired data blocks sequentially without gaps or after every trigger shot, a block/shot.
I do not know if the scope triggers one time, dump to internal memory during acquisition and then to the computer or if there are intermediate shots acquired a block/shot (I would like use the huge amount of pico memory, not 2k)
Acquisition using getrapidblock
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Re: Acquisition of blocks without gaps with labview/pico3x

Post by Karunen » Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:10 pm


Please note that Rapid block does have a re-arm of less than 2us at the fastest sampling rate.
The time it takes to re-arm plus the time until the next trigger point(since you have zero pretrigger) is dead time.
This means no samples will be stored.

Could you tell me the sample the rate you require and for how long you need to sample for?

I assume you are using the 3206 and from the specification it sates the 3206 has a buffer size of 1MS which means it should be able to store 10ks per channel.

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