PicoScope 5000 series with differential probe

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PicoScope 5000 series with differential probe

Post by Rodberaht » Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:31 pm

Hi all,
I'm a proud user of a PicoScope 5243B USB scope. In the environment (automation systems) I'm going to use it, I'm only allowed to use at least CAT III rated measurement equipment, so far the overall voltages and currents are not so high (24VDC, 4-20mA).

Having a look at the accessories page I didn't found any passive probe with CAT III rating. So I had a look at the active probes.

Now what I'm wondering about is which active probe I can use with the 5243B? The probes TA-041/TA-042/TA-043 seems to match my requirements to safety. But I have some problems in understanding the connection between the impedance of the scope and the probe. What I understood so far is that they have to match? The scope has an impedance of 1MOhm, the Probes 50 Ohm. So next thing I think I understood is, that in such case I can use a TA051 terminator?

So I need to purchase a TA-04(1/2/3) plus a TA051?

Additional question: What probe settings I have to setup in PicoScope 6 for that probe+terminator configuration?

Greetings, Robert

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Re: PicoScope 5000 series with differential probe

Post by Hitesh » Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:39 pm

Hello Robert,

The output impedance for the TA041 is 20kiloOhms while the TA042 and TA043 have an output impedance of 50 kiloOhms, so you should not need a 50 Ohm feed-through terminator.

There are x10 and x100 probes which are built-in to the PicoScope 6 software. You can access these via the channel settings dialogs.

If you require the x1000 attenuation setting for the TA042, then you will need to define your own Custom probe - the following video provides guidance on this:

I hope this helps.


Technical Support Engineer

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