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Current clamp

Post by st514 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 12:34 pm


I have a picoscope 6043 and a TA019 current clamp already. I would like to monitor the current in a process that I am running, it has a max current of 120 A and a max frequency of 2.5 kHz, pulsed square waveform. What would be a suitable current clamps for this? I think the TA019 is limited to 400 Hz, so is unsuitable.

Also, is there a *.psprobe file available for the TA019 current clamp that I have?

Many thanks, Sam

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Re: Current clamp

Post by Hitesh » Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:17 pm

Hi st514,

You could consider the TA167 200A/2000A AC/DC Current Probe:

There is a User Manual available from the above page.

The frequency range is DC to 20 kHz.

Regarding a .psprobe file for the TA019 Current Clamp, you could create your own using the Custom Probe Wizard in the PicoScope 6 software - there is guidance in the PicoScope 6 User's Guide (search for Custom Probe wizard).

I suggest creating a Look-up table for scaling the values - according to the 600 A AC/DC Current Clamp (TA019) User's Guide, the clamp is calibrated to provide 1mV of output for every 1A of measured current.

The following video might be of interest:

I hope this helps.


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