Windows 10 + PicoSoftware = Even More Devices

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Windows 10 + PicoSoftware = Even More Devices

Post by Callum » Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:00 pm

After the release of Windows 8 and then the Windows 8.1 update, many found that the operating system was not to their liking. However, on 30th September 2014, Microsoft announced and demonstrated their new Windows 10 operating system. The new operating system removed features that users found either unnecessary or annoying and replaced them with a better Windows experience that includes the return of the long-lost Start Menu, instead of the tile menu.
Parallels Picture 1.png
The new Windows Start Menu

The best thing about Windows 10 for the PicoLog and PicoScope software is that running more than one USB PC Oscilliscope at a time is a lot easier, as is viewing one window at a time. For example, with both Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1, we could only have two screens snapped together, one either side, but in Windows 10 we can view four windows at a time and Pico software runs perfectly with this. When testing the new operating system on a basic spec'd virtual machine, I found that the software ran fluidly and had no crash errors, so it’s looking like a plus for the new operating system with our software.

Also, when testing, I found that the drivers installed faster and it seemed that after plugging a PicoScope into the machine it picked it up almost immediately after installing the software. This could be due the operating system being freshly installed, but overall I found that switching from window to window was faster.

Now, to send windows to each corner of the screen, simply drag them there. For example, if I wanted to drag the PicoLog software from the top left down to the bottom right, I would drag the window to the bottom right corner of the screen. A shadow outline of the window appears as you do that – when you see this shadow simply let go and the window will slot into place. Simple.
Parallels Picture (1).png
Windows 10 showing the new four-window multitasking

As well as allowing more windows snapped on the desktop, Microsoft didn’t stop there for their multitasking. With the likes of both Ubuntu and Mac OS X which both had additional desktop screen features, Windows now followed suit so that swapping from each desktop can simply be done by clicking the button on the task bar to the right of the magnifying glass.
Parallels Picture 2.png
Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview showing multiple desktop modes, Desktop 1
Parallels Picture 3.png
Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview showing multiple desktop modes, Desktop 2

Although this new operating system works wonders with Pico software and for people who want to run multiple versions of scopes and loggers in different windows, I do have to say that this is operating system is in the TESTING STAGE, so by no means expect it to be stable. It's like the Beta software we have from Pico—we add new features and allow users to test them and report back—so if you do have the operating system installed with PicoScope or PicoLog then maybe errors will occur, but so far it seems to have worked great and undoubtedly in the future it will only get better for those who want to do multitasking with PicoScopes or PicoLog Data Loggers.

I do recommend that if you install this operating system with PicoScope either install it using a virtual machine or create a partition on your hard drive. Better still, if you have a spare hard drive lying around install it on that, but just make sure to not install over your primary because that won't be good! :lol:

If you have any issues or questions with the Pico software for Windows 10 Technical Preview, please feel free to contact us at

Technical Specialist

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