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Picoscope with large > 10 meg captures

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Picoscope with large > 10 meg captures

Postby zmrbill » Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:37 pm

One of the biggest advantages my 3405B offers me is the large waveform buffers. In one application I am looking at startup waveforms and need the high sample rate and large buffer to capture the full transition to stable operation. My laptop is no dog and with an 8 meg 4 ch capture I am having to wait seconds for updates when panning around the waveform. My question is what happens with 50, 100, 500 meg waveforms. Does the delay scale with buffer size?

My next purchase would be a scope with 10x buffer size but I want to understand how well the picoscope software does with 10x change in buffer size.

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Re: Picoscope with large > 10 meg captures

Postby Martyn » Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:37 am

Would it be possible to take a video, or live screen capture, showing what you are seeing ?

I have tried here with an ordinary specification PC and it tracks smoothly, as it does with higher memory devices. When you are panning around the waveform the software will only be requesting the required number of samples to display an image on the screen, this is quite a small number dependent on screen size, the data processing is carried out on the device.
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