adc100 +USB interfacedata logging problem

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adc100 +USB interfacedata logging problem

Post by wavelength » Wed Mar 09, 2005 4:28 pm

I am using an adc100 + pico USB interface to log data directly into a spreadsheet, (using adc_100_get_times_and_values).
The individual data points are at 2msecs intervals.
I call the routine every 1 sec (for a total of 50 secs) and collect (nominally) 500 data points (x , y and t) on each call.

The data logging is sucessful about once or twice in every 10 attempts.

When succesful each block of data contains between about 470 and 520 data points. (ie approx the expected 1 sec of data)

On the unsuccesful attempts the time reported back from
adc100_get_times_and_values keeps resetting back to zero (at random?) during the data collection. There are anywhere between 1 and 25 resets over the 50 sec logging period. Each reset to zero of the time is accompanied by a short block of data
eg 90 pts to 350pts (variable from block to block) rather than the 'full' compliment of approx 500.

Can you offer any solutions?


Post by Sarah » Fri Mar 11, 2005 10:03 am


Thank you for your email.

Can you post your code on here or email it to us at ? We can then have a look at it.

Best Regards

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