How do I use the AWGs (in terms of hardware)?

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How do I use the AWGs (in terms of hardware)?

Post by Kanden » Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:24 am

Im not sure how I´m supposed to use the AWG of my 3206 MSO.

-How much current can I drive from the AWG output?
-What kind of cable do I use? Can I use the oscilloscope probe that was settled with the product, or do I need some kind of bnc to crocodile clamp cable?
-Am I supposed to connect the AWG output to an operation amplifiier input, or what kind of circuits make sense to drive something from the awg? What would be a good choice for an opamp?

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Re: How do I use the AWGs (in terms of hardware)?

Post by andurimees » Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:31 am

Any op amp is ok.

Please note that the AWG is bipolar ranging by standard from -1V to +1V.
You have to reprogram it to run from 0...1V losing half the bits in the DAC.

I use a LMC660 on a 5V single rail supply.

The AWG output is lifted from -1...+1V by a 22kOhm + 100kOhm potentiometer voltage divider between 5V and the AWG output. I protect the AWG output using a 1.4V Zener diode (alt: take any Si diode (1N4007) and clamp 2 in series ) against any spontaneous stupidity.
The voltage divider is input to a inverting op amp with amplification of 2.5.
So the AWG range is mapped:
AWG=+1V --> divider= 2V --> opamp_out= 0V
AWG=-1V --> divider= 0V --> opamp_out= 5V

This circuit is good enough to run any minicircuits VCO or anything fun for doing radar....

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Re: How do I use the AWGs (in terms of hardware)?

Post by Hitesh » Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:34 pm

Hi Kanden,

Just to add to andurimees's comments, the maximum output range of the signal generator is +/- 2V - by default PicoScope 6 sets the output to +/- 1V.

In the Signal Generator pop-up dialog, an offset can also be applied to the waveform so to achieve a 0 - 1V square wave, you can use a 500mV amplitude with a 500mV offset as shown below.
PicoScope 6 Signal Generator Pop up.png
PicoScope 6 Signal Generator Pop-up
Hope this helps.

Software Dev. Engineer

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