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V12 installation

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V12 installation

Postby jswanson » Thu Mar 03, 2005 1:35 pm


I just downloaded webpsd32_r5_11_08.exe. When I try to install it , it extracts and then hangs during the select language screen. The system in XPSP2. I have tried downloading again with no success.

Postby Sarah » Fri Mar 04, 2005 10:25 am


Thank you for your post, I am sorry to hear that you have been seeing problems.

This is not a problem we have seen here. However we will investigate it further.

There should be a newer release available soon with some bug fixes in, this will hopefully not display the same problems.

Best Regards

Postby NS » Thu Sep 29, 2005 12:56 pm

Same problem for us: software installation stalls right after the first screen (language). Nothing can be done next, the application has to be manually killed. This also happened with release 5.13
Can you keep us informed of any solution.

Noe Serres

Note: we are using picoscope 3206 with Dell laptop WinXP

Postby Michael » Mon Oct 10, 2005 10:22 am

Please note:

A new version of PicoScope is now available for downlaod. Please visit: www.picotech.com/software.html

Best regards,
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