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PicoScope 6.10.8: Save settings on exit

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PicoScope 6.10.8: Save settings on exit

Postby Jeff » Mon Aug 04, 2014 3:50 pm

For those of you who wish that PicoScope would start up with the same settings that you used on the last run, the new 6.10.8 release has the answer. There are now many more items in the Save Settings menu:


The last item, Restore Last Session on Start-up, tells PicoScope to do exactly what you wished for.

The other commands and options are as follows:

    Save Settings As... - allows you to save as many settings files as you like (this was previously under the File > Save As menu)
    Save User Default Settings - this saves the settings that the Auto Setup button uses
    Reset User Default Settings - if you no longer want the settings that you saved with the previous command, this will remove them and revert to the factory settings
    Load User Default Settings - this is equivalent to the Home button on the toolbar
    Restore Last Session - if you didn't enable Restore Last Session on Start-up, this command gives you a second chance to retrieve your last session
    Load Factory Settings - this will apply the factory settings without overwriting any of your settings files or options
    Load User Default Settings on Start-up - this option selects PicoScope's default behaviour: to start up with your saved startup settings. It is the complement of the Restore Last Session on Start-up option.
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