Mistake on C# example program

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Mistake on C# example program

Post by jcwoo »


I am a beginer of programming with c#. Nevertheless, I am in the situation to design our own control software with your API function. So, I have tried to make my own program with Picoscope-6403D. But your example program have not worked properly with some errors. Today I found your mistake in your sample program. It is because your program did not care about the scope model I purchased( 6403D).

Please check once again your sample program for 6403D in c #. And please give me any files if there are explanations on the example program.


Jin-Chun Woo

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Re: Mistake on C# example program

Post by Martyn »

Thank you for pointing out the omission of the later C and D variants from the C# example. The Imports file should include the following enum

Code: Select all

        public enum MODEL_TYPE : int
            MODEL_NONE = 0,
			MODEL_PS6402  = 0x6402, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 32MS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6402A = 0xA402, //Bandwidth: 250MHz, Memory: 128MS, FG
			MODEL_PS6402B = 0xB402, //Bandwidth: 250MHz, Memory: 256MS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6402C = 0xC402, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 256MS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6402D = 0xD402, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 512MS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6403  = 0x6403, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 1GS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6403A = 0xA403, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 256MS, FG
			MODEL_PS6403B = 0xB403, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 512MS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6403C = 0xC403, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 512MS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6403D = 0xD403, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 1GS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6404  = 0x6404, //Bandwidth: 500MHz, Memory: 1GS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6404A = 0xA404, //Bandwidth: 500MHz, Memory: 512MS, FG
			MODEL_PS6404B = 0xB404, //Bandwidth: 500MHz, Memory: 1GS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6404C = 0xC404, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 1GS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6404D = 0xD404, //Bandwidth: 350MHz, Memory: 2GS, AWG
			MODEL_PS6407  = 0x6407 //Bandwidth: 1GHz, Memory 2GS, AWG
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