Picoscope 3205 - No B Channel Trace

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Picoscope 3205 - No B Channel Trace

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I've just dug out our Picoscope 3205 to use and I'm finding I can't get the second channel to work. I've tried the latest (R6.9.12) and the previous available (R6.6.57) version of the software (on XP) and the problem seems the same in both.

Once I enable the second channel I don't see a trace (I have the input connected to gnd with a 50ohm terminator) - what I do get is an exclaimation mark near the axis. The A channel seems fine.

Any ideas - am I just missing a setting somewhere.


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Re: Picoscope 3205 - No B Channel Trace

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Please contact support@picotech.com as it sounds like a faulty channel.
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