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Problems with RunStreaming, ps4000 and Python

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Problems with RunStreaming, ps4000 and Python

Postby felipetocchio » Fri Jul 04, 2014 8:41 am

Dear all,

I'm facing problems with my PS 4262 in order to start the ps4000RunStreaming function. As soon as the function is called, I get the error code 43: "PICO_DRIVER_FUNCTION. You called a driver function while another driver function was still being processed."

Here are the functions that I call:
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    if scope.handle != 0:
        print('Configuring scope...')
    else: print('Scope not found!')

And here are the functions parameters:
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   def __init__(self):
      self.lib = windll.LoadLibrary(LIBNAME)         
      self.handle = None
      self.serial = None
      self.chRange = [ None, None ]
      self.coupling = [ None, None ]
      self.chEnabled = [ None, None ]
      self.chName = [ None, None ]
      self.timeInterval = None
   #Open scope by serial number
   def openScope(self):
      handlePointer = c_short()
      message = self.lib.ps4000OpenUnit(byref(handlePointer))
      #serialNullTermStr = c_char_p( bytes(self.serial,'ascii') )
      #message = self.lib.ps4000OpenUnitEx( byref(handlePointer), serialNullTermStr )
      self.handle = handlePointer.value
      if message != 0: print('Error openScope:', message)
   #Setup channel
   def setChannel( self ):
      message = self.lib.ps4000SetChannel( self.handle, CHANNEL_A, self.chEnabled[CHANNEL_A], self.coupling[CHANNEL_A], self.chRange[CHANNEL_A] )
      if message != 0: print('Error setChannel A:', message)
      else: print('Channel A set')     
   #Setup trigger
   def setTrigger( self ):
      message = self.lib.ps4000SetSimpleTrigger( self.handle, ENABLED, CHANNEL_A, THRESHOLD, DIR_RISING, DELAY, AUTOTRIGGER_MS )
      if message != 0: print('Error setTrigger:', message)
      else: print('Trigger set')
   #Set data buffer
   def setDataBuffer( self ):
      #Set channel from which to get data
      dataPointerMax = ( c_short * NUMSAMPLES )()
      message = self.lib.ps4000SetDataBuffer( self.handle, CHANNEL_A, byref(dataPointerMax), NUMSAMPLES )
      if message != 0: print('Error setDataBuffer:', message)   

   #Start streaming
   def runStreamingMode( self ):
      sampleInterval = c_long() 
      message = self.lib.ps4000RunStreaming( self.handle, byref(sampleInterval), PS4000_US, 0, 1000, AUTOSTOP_FALSE, 1, NUMSAMPLES )
      if message != 0: print('Error runStreamingMode:', message)

Just for the record, I'm using Python 2.5

Has anyone an idea?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Problems with RunStreaming, ps4000 and Python

Postby Karunen » Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:25 am

Hi Felipe,

Is this the value being return from the function?
Since the value will be an integer but Pico Status is normally a hex value.

So 43 (Int) = 2B (Hex) which gives PICO_INVALID_SAMPLE_INTERVAL.

Kind Regards,

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