problems with 3204 and XP (error code 3)

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problems with 3204 and XP (error code 3)

Post by korrekaminos » Tue Feb 22, 2005 3:28 pm


I have a PicoScope 3204 and I have problems to start running in Windows XP. I have readed the Forum topics about problems with USB but I can not solve the problem.

The first problem was the message: "Hi-speed USB Device Plugged into non-HI-SPEED USB Hub" . I do not have problem with other USB 2.0 products installed in the same PC.

After the installation, when I execute Picoscope software , it shows the message : error code 3.

The versions of software are:
Windows XP (Prof. ver. 2002 SP2)
Picoscope : 5.11.8

Have anyone had the same problem and can help me?



Post by Sarah » Wed Feb 23, 2005 10:43 am


Thank you for your post, I am sorry you have been seeing problems.

Is the device installed correctly?
What does it show as in the device manager?

When you plug it in and get the message about a high speed device - this is normal. It is to do with the way the scope is talking to the computer when it is first connected. It will then choose the correct speed when you open the software.

Does you unit work at all in the software?
Is any more information supplied with the error 3 message?

Best Regards

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