Wrong Voltage dispaly with PicoLog and ADC101

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Viktor Andor

Wrong Voltage dispaly with PicoLog and ADC101

Post by Viktor Andor » Mon Feb 21, 2005 6:48 pm


I downloded today the latest release R5.12.0 and after instalation I get the same problem as with the previously instaled version R5.10.07, namely the voltage display swings between 0 and approx. 1.2 V independent from the actual voltage. This problem accurs after updating my laptop operating system from Win 98 to Win 2000. I use the parellel port conection together with ADC 101 The Voltage range for the measurements I selected was +/- 10 V. The actual volage range of the measured data is DC from 0 to 10V. The parallel port setting in BIOS is bidirectional enabled.

I thank you anticipated


Post by Sarah » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:04 am


Thank you for your post.

Possibly the reason you are seeing problems is that the mode of the parallel port in the BIOS should be set to one of the following:

Standard, Normal, SPP, Output, Only, Unidirectional

It shouldn't be set to bidirectional, ECP or EPP as these are not optimal for the function of our units.

Thus, I would recommend changing your parallel port settings and seeing if this helps.

Best Regards

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