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Advanced triggering

Post by alehander » Mon Feb 21, 2005 6:48 pm

Hello. Just picked up a 3205 with the latest PicoScope and PicoLog software. I've been going over the documentation, but have so far been unable to determine how to set up advanced triggering (see pic). Effectively, I need to trigger on pulse width & amplitude combined to detect, for example, a missing pulse in a series. What is the best way to go about doing this? Thanks for the help,

Alex Bugrov
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Post by Sarah » Tue Feb 22, 2005 10:29 am


Thank you for your post.

I do not believe that this is possible with our software. The trigger options that exist are Auto, Repeat, Single, and ETS. These can occur on the rising or falling edge of a pulse at any set voltage. However you cannot combine ay kind of pulse width with this voltage amplitude setting.

If you require to do this then I would recommend writing your own software to do this. You can download software and basic examples from our website at:

Hope this helps

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